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Topspin Cyber MAX ROTation (1.27) Reel 220m

Topspin Cyber MAX ROTation, heptagonal

The Topspin Cyber MAX ROTation is a co-polyester with an heptagonal profile. Because of the heptagonal profile this string has exeptional spin properties and produces high ballspeed. In addition, this string provides excellent control-qualities and gaming comfort. The ongoing straightening of the strings also has an end. The Topspin Cyber MAX ROTation effectively prevents a shifting of the strings and shines through maximum durability. The Topspin Cyber MAX ROTation is probably the roughest string on the market. 

Product properties:

  • extrem spin properties
  • high ballspeed
  • high playability and comfort
  • minimum fusion loss
  • maximum durability
  • no string shifting

 Basic information:

  •  Material: Co-Polyester
  • Colour: black
  • Gauge: 16L / 1.27


How Many?: