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Stringway Triple Flying Clamp

Triple Flying Clamp 18mm

The triple flying clamp has opened up an entirely new concept in stringing.  Can clamp either 2 or 3 adjacent strings

  • Unique clamping possibilities
  • Reduced twist
  • Clamps 2 or 3 strings with a 9mm block between the grippers
  • Clamp widely spaced cross strings with 18mm between the grippers

With a technique adapted to the use of the standard double 9mm flying clamp, this clamp offers the means to virtually eliminate the problems of loss of tension on the last string before the tie-off.

Clamp twist is reduced when the clamp is blocked on 2 adjacent strings with the 3rd string in the outer gripper, but this twist can be illiminated when the last lstring is placed in the center gripper, the clamp is supported by the 2 outer strings already tensionned. No draw-back, no twist, very low tension loss on knots.

When using both the Double and the Triple Flying Clamps, and the specific method of stringing, the quality of the clamping is equal to the best fixed clamping systems.


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