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RAB Fittex Grommets
Alpha RAB “FITTEX” Grommet System -Is an efficient way to replace damaged grommets. Choose from a variety of grommet sizes that cover all racquet types.
  • Grommets to fit any drill hole diameter from 2.0mm to 4.7mm (badminton length through tennis).
  • Grommets are tapered and finned. The fins enable each grommet to fit firmly into a hole that measures up to 0.2mm larger than the grommet’s specified outer diameter.
  • Grommet lengths to fit any frame cross section.
  • Individual packs or refills readily available in every size.
  • Grommets are made of top quality nylon.
  • Grommet Grinders are strategically designed not to interfere with something machine mounting systems
  •  Quantity per bag  B(200pc),S(100pc), T(100pc), SL(20pc), TL(20pc), LG(50pc)
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