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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Who manufactures Alpha stringing machines:

A: Alpha Racquet Sports has been a leading machine manufacturer for over 15 years. Their machines feature both US and international patents. Alpha machines are manufactured in China where all components are precision milled and computer cut. The factory is responsible for 100% of the machines's makeup.

Q: What advantage does Alpha have over other machines?

A: Alpha's advantage is total quality control. If a component does not meet Alpha's high standards it is discarded along with its counterparts. Alpha has the capability to modify machine production in order to mount today's hard-to-fit racquets. Alpha machine engineers design from a stringer's perspective.

Q: What about technical support?

A: New Tech customer service representatives are experienced in racquet stringing and will be there to help you with all your stringing machine questions. (excluding racquet pattern questions) Support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 5:30 CST. New Tech Tennis strongly recommends joining the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringing Association). The USRSA provides detailed string pattern diagrams for several hundred frames and offers up-to-date stringing information.

Q: Why are similar machines cheaper than yours?

A: Alpha uses the strongest metals and materials available. Critical machine parts are strengthened through a heat-treatment process. The process strengthens the components in order to further protect your racquet during stringing. Many competitors skip this costly production step. Also, some competitors use composite materials such as plastic or nylon clamps. This type of material provides little durability and wears out faster than metal parts.

Q: What guarantee or warranty do I get with the machine?

A: Our 30-day money back guarantee is on every machine purchase. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. The 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty covers any part considered to be a manufacturer's defect. Normal wear-and-tear is excluded (i.e. clamps, pads). Parts are available for up to five years after a machine has been discontinued.